Hamond Safety Management, LLC provides cost effective Workers’ Compensation for qualifying businesses throughout New York State. With 50 years of insurance experience and 35 years of workers’ comp and safety group experience, you are hard-pressed to find a better team to support your business. Our safety specialists provide a wide range of services which help you to drastically reduce costs and liabilities.
Our approach is unique in that we are exceedingly diligent in our compliance research, audit preparations and level of service we provide to you both at your site and remotely. We take your hand through all processes and guide you confidently through any workers’ comp claim from start to finish. Our comprehensive safety training ensures that you will seldom have to deal with claims in the first place. We are able to provide superior benefits to brokers with competitive rates and dividends. Learn more about us.

Our Safety Division at Hamond would also like to remind you of some of the benefits available to you through our safety group. In addition to our superior administrative services, our safety division conducts field services such as forklift safety certification, certifications in the new GHS requirements, participation in company safety meetings, job site safety talks and work safety inspections. Our work site safety inspections are conducted on your behalf and the report is for your review only.

Safety audits are also conducted at your facility to ensure your compliance with OSHA’s regulations. Our field visits include a full review of your safety program and if needed, we will update your current safety manual or provide you with a new update manual with the required safety programs pertaining to your industry.

We also provide full support and the certified consultant to complete the workplace safety and loss prevention report (otherwise known as the CR-59) for those who fall within that category.

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Notice to All Group Members:

The State Fund is now offering all group members the option of paying workers’ compensation premiums online using electronic funds transfer (eCHECK) at no charge. You can access further information at there website and click “Pay My Bill.” Workers’ Comp Group Members can also pay by eCHECK via telephone at 1-877-309-6028

Visit our Resource Center for claims related forms. You can fill out these forms online and email them to claimsrpt@hamondgroup.com for your convenience.

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what I have valued most about our relationship is that Hamond Group know us and our business.”
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